The Modern Meditation Movement
The Modern Meditation Movement Posture Hack

Micro Meditation 

Instantly Feel More Present, Poised & Positive with 4 Quick & Easy Steps

Finding time for meditation isn't always easy so here's somthing super effective you can do on the fly. Follow these 4 steps anywhere, anytime to improve posture, mood and energy levels in no time. 

Get the one page PDF guide now. Go ahead - it's a freebie!

Meredith is an immensely sensitive and gifted teacher...she has a capacity to make knowledge accessible and transparent to the student.

I don't know anyone who wouldn't benefit from the meditation course. Most people I know really this. I recommend it to everyone.

I have more serenity and focus after the course, less rush to distraction and less reactive...I now have an ability to work through things calmly and I'm happy to let things go.

Recommended to anyone who has a busy, hectic life. To regain control, calm, balance, clarity and joy in everyday life.